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Justin McNeil
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Justin McNeil WARNING: This EP is un-fuck-withable and might make your black metal band sound like a bunch of pansies. This is grind blended seemlessly with the darker/grittier genres of metal. The wider range of vocals adds a whole new dynamic to this blackened style. 10/10 Favorite track: Strangers.
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kill yourself.


released May 16, 2016



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FVRLVRN Ardmore, Oklahoma

Pronounced "Forlorn". FVRLVRN is a blackened grindcore band formed by members of Hateful Transgression and Jesus Wept.

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Track Name: Crawling Inside
Watch your world
Fall apart
Dissecting your cold black heart
No one sees
What you've seen
The room goes dark
It's just you and me
I am crawling inside
Cavernous pits within your mind
These walls you call your skull
Won't hold me back
I'll never go

Losing your mind
Can't stop now I'm
Crawling inside
Living hell

Tearing of the skin
Hanging by the neck
Trying to escape
From the fate you self medicate
Nothing's here to stay
But me

Seeing thing's that shouldn't be
Clouding your perception of reality
No one understands you
Like me

What do you
Think you see?
It's not one with reality
You will
Lose your mind
Because I said so
Bitch your mine!

Remove the skin and bathe in bleach
Swallow those razors whilst loving the pain
You drift away
Happy to see it end this way
Death is the sweet treat that comes at the end
Swallow the pills
Crimson stains this porcelain tub
"These voices never left me
Until I was dead"
Track Name: Strangers
Moving in
Close to home
Friendly faces staring back at you
Neighbors living the American dream
Just a normal man and his family

"Hey mister you mind coming over?
The wife's cooking dinner for a family or two"
"Sure I'd love to!
I'll grab the wife and kids
Then meet you over there in a few"
"Hey honey it's me I'm home
We're gonna meet the neighbors
It'll be so fun!"
"My daughter and son won't you come on down?
We're gonna go across the road and have some chow"

They didn't quite know what it was
That sudden gripping fear
Greeted at the door
They are pulled inside
To find and empty table
Only filled with knives and rope

Beaten over the head
The husband's knocked to the floor
Whilst his family's bound to the legs of a table
And roasted like s'mores
Awakened by their screams
Third degree burns up to the knee
They flay skin like savages
Feasting off the warm decay

"Someone save me?"
She's bled out dry
Diced into tiny little bites

Five year old son's head is swiftly chopped off
While the daughter is placed in a bag
The paralyzed father just wishing he'd die
They'll save him until the end
His wife's the last one he saw
Before they killed him dead
"Baby don't cry
I'll see you real soon in the heaven we made in our heads"
"I love when they lie
It makes them taste sweet
My love would you not agree?"
"Who gives a fuck?
Help me get em on the table
Now is the time for the feast!"
Track Name: Lurking
Relentless coldness
Within this forest
No one will save you
It follows closely behind
Within the darkness. The,
being approaches
Devours you whole
Even your twisted soul

Withered trees
Rotting leaves
Pulling hair

Limbs are gripping
Breaking body
Preserving your soul
Preserving your body for the creatures of the night that lurk in the shadows and wait

Lurking in the night
Blistering cold and dim moonlight
Your body gives away
To the being that's stalked you all this time
Vultures consume your carcass
The smell of rot is caught in the wind
Flocks of forest birds gather for a piece of your rotten skin

Buried under snow
Never found beneath the leaves
Death leaves his victim to the silent standing trees
Lurking once again for those who are brought here out of grief

In the trees